2021 Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day For The Everyday Traveller, Digital Nomad Remote Worker, or Expat

Find the perfect gift for travellers for 2021! This is for those looking for a last minute Valentines Day gift but can be used all year around.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate that special someone in your life, but finding that perfect gift for someone who is always on the road can be tough. Especially when they can only carry the essentials.

I put together this gift guide to help you find the perfect gift that the every day traveller will use.

Scroll to the bottom for a complete list of gift for each nomad: Content Creator, Coach, Adventure Seeker, Eco Friendly. Starting with $20

$20 & Under

1. Waterproof Dry Bag

Dry bags are perfect for travellers going to a destination with beaches and waterfalls. There is nothing worse then getting your stuff wet when going on an adventure, so a dry bag will come always in handy. It is a part of a travellers essentials especially content creators who carry a flash, microphone, camera, phone, tripod, drone etc.

2. Bamboo Laptop Cover

Remote workers are on their laptops more then anything else, these laptop covers are not only super cute but Eco-Friendly! Personalizing your laptop is huge when it comes to remote workers.

3. E Books

Skip shipping and get an Ebook sent right to their email! This takes up no space and there are so many different E books you can look into.

Ebook ideas: Well being, Development, Nomad Guides, How to…., etc. You can find ebooks on Amazon Kindle or Etsy.

4. Silicone Straws

Silicone straws are good for the environment and come in handy when travelling. I prefer the silicone over metal because I always hurt my teeth on the metal. These are small so they can easily fit in travellers backpacks. Many places around the world are working on their environmental impact so plastic straws are out and silicone is in!

5. Travel Journal

Having a journal is great for planning, organizing, and documenting trips.

6. Sleeping Mask

There are fluffy sleeping mask feels like a pillow, it’s amazing for plane rides.

7. Fabric Fitness Bands

Bring the gym to them, these are cute and easy to fit in travel bags.

8. Good Notes Digital Planner

You can find these on Etsy it is optimized for the app Good Notes so if he/she has an iPad this will be perfect. The download file can be uploaded to their Good Notes so they can plan their days out in their iPad. This is also good if they are already abroad, instead of paying for shipping you can get the file sent to them via email.

8. RFID Blocking Wallet

Help them avoid getting scammed on the streets with a RFID blocking wallet, this will protect their cards. These wallets can range from $15-$100.

$25 and Over

1. Sports Camera Go Pro or Insta 360

Go Pros are super popular and if the person you are looking to get a gift for already has one you can look into Go Pro Accessories because one can never have enough.

Insta 360’s are new and create amazing videos. It’s a 360 action camera the shots you can get are incredible and different then anything you can take on a camera.

Both are awesome because you can bring them on any adventure with no limits.

2. Membership to a Co Working space

You will have to do a bit of research for this one but look for spots around

3. Gym Membership

This is one of the best gifts ever in my opinion! Get them a membership to a local gym around them. Like the Co working space you will have to do lot’s of research first. Going through Instagram to look at the photos is a good way of researching.

Canggu Bali: The Body Factory

4. External Hard Drive

These are expensive but essential, laptops fill up quick and sometimes they break, get lost, or virus appears. Starting over is horrible especially for those who work online having all their files stored on their laptop. So the hard drive stores files and is used as a backup incase anything ever happens. It also saves a whole lot of space so they are not constantly having to delete files or programs. The SSD hard drive’s are more expensive then the HDD but if you are going to get one I recommend spending the extra money because HDD hard drives break so easily. I recently broke one by slightly bumping into it when it was running. I lost a lot of files and couldn’t get them recovered after. Where the SDD hard drives are extremely durable. If you do go with HDD just make sure the person is careful to not hit it when plugged in.

5. Portable Speaker

The smaller the better, headphones are great but if theres more then one person sometimes it’s better to play music through a speaker. Not to mention video editors love watching their travel films with the speakers going to understand the overall feel of the video.

6. Foldable Backpack

These can clip onto your bag and fold out to a full size backpack. It weighs almost nothing and it’s pocket sized!

7. Gift Cards

You can get them a Airbnb gift card for their stays, Skype Credit so they can call abroad, or Amazon Kindle gift card so they can purchase Ebooks for the road.

8. Camera Gear

Anything from a camera flash, microphone, travel tripods, ND filters, stabilizer, drone, or even a camera itself is a great gift option.

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