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IOS 14 Home Screen Inspiration

Apple iPhones just came out with a new update IOS14 where you can customize your home screen by changing app icons and adding all different kinds of widgets. Although this is super cool, you might be stuck trying to figure out what aesthetic you want for your home screen. Look no further here are all of my favourite home screens! 

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01. Nude Beige Aesthetic

This is giving me sandy vibes, and i’m loving it. 

You can purchase this set off 100 icons for $1.99cad ($1.49usd) off Etsy compared to the average market price of $8.99. This is pack is a huge seller! OR Get 18 FREE icons from this pack HERE

All of the packs featured on this blog post are $1.99CAD. 

02. Charcoal Black Aesthetic

Absolutely love this one for it’s simplicity. Black goes with everything, works for anyone, and easy on the eye. There are two different aesthetics; to the right the white is bold making it easy to navigate. On the left you have a new trend which is the thin outlined icons and widgets.

You can purchase this set of 100 icons+ photo widgets for $1.99cad ($1.49usd) off Etsy.

03. Pink Aesthetic

Okay isn’t this adorable? I love love love pink as you can tell by my blog! 

04. Tropical Vibes Aesthetic

Bringing the tropical vacay to your phone has never felt better. Through COVID I think this will keep me sane, at least for now. Create this look for $1.99CAD. 100 Icons with 18 Widgets.

05. Espresso Aesthetic

Raving over this idea, especially for coffee lovers. You are getting the best of both dark and light worlds, the colours blend together perfectly. 

06. Cream Beige

Super chic! The colour matches the ones in widget smith which i’m a fan of. Get 10 of these icons for free below!!

07. Grey Aesthetic

IOS 14 Customized Home Screen Grey Aesthetic Inspo

This pack is neutral, and for that I love it! 

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